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Our Educators

At Kids Paradise Childcare Early Learning, we build and maintain secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with all children which builds a strong base for exploration and learning. By forming these positive relationships, it enables children to gain a strong sense of wellbeing and assists children in learning about their responsibility to others & interdependence. We foster children’s learning and encourage collaboration and team work throughout their play. Educators understand children’s zone of proximal development and assist, scaffold and guide children’s learning appropriately and positively guide each child's learning through nurturing their curiosity, providing a hypothesis, and solving problems.


Qualified educators and employees, work together at our service to provide your child with a high-quality, play based early education program. Relationships are key to children’s wellbeing and learning. All of our educators hold or are studying towards appropriate qualifications and licenses for their positions, including First Aid, CPR, and asthma and anaphylaxis management. We go above and beyond the national regulations, requiring that all educators are re-certified in asthma and anaphylaxis management every 12 months. You can feel assured they will be ready to act in the event of an injury or medical emergency.

Each studio has a leader as well as co-educators to assist throughout the studios. We also have a pool of regular relief educators for times when our educators are out of the service for professional learning opportunities, holidays or should they be unwell.

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Our leadership team

Our Approved Provider (Nadine) and Nominated Supervisor (Kara) are responsible for the overall operations at the service, including the education program, staff management, and compliance with regulations and the service policies and procedures.

The Educational Leader (Taylah) provide curriculum directions and guidance to all educators at our service. For more details regarding this role, please approach the Educational Leader at our service or visit

Person in day to day charge are educators with appropriate experience and qualifications. These educators can be placed ‘in charge’ when the Approved Provider (Nadine) or Nominated Supervisor (Kara) are not at the service.

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