Our Philosophy

Pedagogical Connections

We believe that working in collaboration with children and families is important and enables us to provide a relevant ongoing cycle that includes planning, documenting and evaluation of children’s learning and development in relation the Early Years Learning Frameworks: Being, Belonging & Becoming. Educators at Kids Paradise Childcare Centre make use of teachable moments by intentional teaching, scaffolding children’s learning, asking open ended questions and challenging children’s thinking. Educators regularly reflect upon and evaluate their practices using the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Frameworks: Being, Belonging & Becoming as a form of ongoing learning. Theoretical perspectives play a vital role in educators approaches throughout the service. At Kids Paradise we implement a socio-cultural approach based off our interpretation of the ‘Reggio Emilio Approach’ which is led by the child's curiosity, connection to the world around them, and the belief that children have the ability to develop their own potential. Educator practices are also guided by Lev Vygotsky’s theory emphasising the importance of relationships and interactions with children and Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development.

Learning environment

The learning environment is an important deliberation when creating a safe area for the children to belong. As a service we pride ourselves on maintaining a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment. Our educators ensure that all children’s learning capacities and learning styles are catered for throughout our environment and educational curriculum. Our environment for play and exploration is inviting, flexible, inquiry based, responsive to the interests and abilities of each child and promotes a love of learning. At Kids Paradise we give the children the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they’d like to explore the indoor or outdoor environment.  Educators throughout the service encourage all families and children to contribute ideas and interests to our play-based learning environment. ‘Hands-on exploration and play is driven by the children's interests, questions, and the world that they live in which is key to for the children to use all languages to express themselves.’

Relationships with Children

At Kids Paradise Childcare centre, we build and maintain secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with all children which builds a strong base for exploration and learning. By forming these positive relationships, it enables children to gain a strong sense of wellbeing and assists children in learning about their responsibility to others & interdependence. We foster children’s learning and encourage collaboration and team work throughout their play. Educators understand children’s zone of proximal development and assist, scaffold and guide children’s learning appropriately and positively guide each child's learning through nurturing their curiosity, providing a hypothesis, and solving problems. 

Partnerships with Families

We understand that families are a child’s first and most influential teacher, At Kids Paradise we strive to collaborate with families to assist in supporting children to achieve learning outcomes as we view families to be an essential resource to children’s learning. We aim to ensure our environment is welcoming for all families and individuals feel respected and valued. When partnerships are developed with families it enables collaboration about curriculum decisions and allows us to work together to explore each child’s learning potential. Each year our service celebrates and recognises events that are important to our families such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other celebrations and events requested by families. We strive to create a warm environment for our children to learn to respect these celebrations, events and gatherings as a community.


We believe that community engagement is a significant part of children’s wellbeing and learning. By forming close relationships with Families, Local communities and across our service setting it enables the children to become active contributors to their world. At Kids Paradise children have the opportunity to explore Bush Kinder this reflects on the increasing body of evidence that being outdoors promotes children’s health and wellbeing while contributing to their environment. The natural setting allows the strengths of each individual child to emerge and builds and focuses on children’s self-esteem, confidence and resilience. Children are also given the opportunity to build relationships with our local retirement village, local shops, dentist, emergency services and explore local parks and reserves. By engaging with the community, it enables the children to expose themselves to different surroundings that will challenge and work on different developmental skills.


We are committed to contributing to a sustainable future. Educators at Kids Paradise Childcare centre promote children’s understanding about their responsibility to care for the environment and incorporate sustainable practices and learning into everyday activities and tasks such as maintaining edible gardens, re-using items and many other practices throughout the service.

Culturally Competent

There are many ways of living, being and knowing, our educators honour each family’s history, cultures, languages, traditions, child rearing practices and lifestyle choices. Educators strive to provide opportunities for children to learn about similarities and differences and incorporate each family’s values and beliefs into our curriculum to assist children in becoming competent and involved learners. At Kids Paradise we aim to promote greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander ways of knowing and being.

Sense of Wellbeing

Children are encouraged to engage in a Healthy lifestyle guided by “The Victorian Healthy eating advisory service” and “Get up and grow”. Our educators role model healthy eating practices and ensure physical activity is incorporated into daily activities such as outdoor play, short walks, Bush Kinder, Sports Programs and more. Our service ensures that health and safety information is readily available for families and any relevant information is provided to families as required. Being healthy, well rested and free of illness assists children to be able to participate happily and successfully in their environment. Educators cater to all children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs to ensure children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

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