Communicating children’s learning

We know how important it is to understand what your child is learning and the experiences they are engaging in. Children’s learning, growth, interests, ideas, investigations and achievements will be gathered and shared within the service through print and electronic formats, such as the Xplor Home App, displays and informal and formal discussions.

You will see a range of different displays and records of your child’s learning throughout our service.

We encourage you to take some time to look at the learning programs and add your comments via Xplor Home App. Contributing to this connects the child’s life at the service to your life at home

Xplor Home app:

Parents can sign children in
Navigate children’s learning
Notified of health events
Centre Messages posted
Families can track Medication and incident records through Xplor Health.
Parents can complete their CWAs on their mobile device.
Families have the flexibility to make bookings, cancel bookings and notify services of absences.
Families can view and pay their statements through their mobile phone, email, SMS or online via XPay.
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