Our Curriculum

 “Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible.” Loris Malaguzzi

  • The children’s education programs are developed by our early childhood educators. Educators program and develop the curriculum based off children’s individual developmental needs, interests and our interpretation of the Reggio Emilia Approach. Educators are also guided by our philosophy, Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Standards, National Quality Framework when developing these curriculums.

Curriculum Areas:

• Literacy
• Numeracy
• Collage
• Painting
• Drawing
• Tinkering
• Science and nature
• Dramatic play
• Music and movement
• Sensory
• Reading
• Construction
• Cooking
• Sports program
Community walks
Bush kinder
Kids Paradise

Reggio Emilia

Loris Malaguzzi began the Reggio Emilia style based on the belief that every child is unique and will express their interests in many different ways. The Reggio Emilia philosophy is very empowering for children. The Reggio philosophy is very much a child-centred, play based approach that respects the potential of all children.

The four principles of the Reggio Emilia approach

Emergent curriculum

The curriculum for the studio is a variety of the children’s interests, their families’ communication, and the close observation and notes educators take on children’s growth and exploration.

In-depth projects

Learning is led by each child, and structured around projects. They might last a week or two—or they might extend the entire term. Educators guide the children in choosing an area of research and following it to the project’s conclusion.

Kids Paradise

Embracing inclusion and diversity

Kids Paradise:

embraces and celebrates the diversity that exists within our community
children are supported to create positive relationships and a strong sense of identity
acknowledge that all children have different life experiences
programs to support children to value and celebrate similarities and differences.
will engage in various celebrations throughout the year that value people and cultures from all backgrounds, We encourage you to share and take part in these celebrations.
Respects diversity
Invites and welcomes you to share your culture, background and life experiences with us.

Our practices are strongly influenced by the CCYP . (Commission for children and young people)

We place enormous value on the role of the environment as a motivating and animating force in creating spaces for relations, options and emotional and cognitive situations that produce a sense of well-being and security.”
- Loris Malaguzzi, Reggio Emilia

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