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What is supplied?

What Kids Paradise will supply:

On orientation Kids Paradise will supply your child with a Kids Paradise wide-brim hat, beanie and a drink bottle that will remain at the service. All kinder children will be given a Kids Paradise t-shirt.

Healthy eating is encouraged at our service, all meals are prepared fresh daily by our chef. (Breakfast, Morning tea, Lunch, Mid afternoon snack, Afternoon tea & Late snack).  Your child needs healthy, nutritious food to fuel their body and mind for learning. We follow the guidelines for The Victoria Government Healthy Eating Advisory Service. Please discuss your child’s food requirements/allergies with us when you enrol, including any cultural or religious dietary needs.

Kids Paradise

You will need to supply:

What you will need to supply: 

Spare clothes (suitable to the weather).
If your child is toilet training, we ask that you supply us with at least 5 changes of clothes including a spare pair of shoes.
Nappies (if applicable)
Jacket (for the cooler months)
Enough bottles, formula/breast milk for the day (if applicable).
If your child is on medication, we ask that you do not leave it in your child’s bag. Please pass on any medication to our Educators.
Formula/Breastmilk (if applicable)
Nappy rash cream (if applicable)


Kids Paradise educators follow well-researched, thorough policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure that your child’s experiences at our service are ones that promote and enhance their safety, wellbeing, and inclusion.

Our policies and associated documents address a broad range of issues, and we encourage you to view key policies that are emailed to you on enrolment. Our policies are developed and reviewed through a consultative process with input from families and educators.

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